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About SEA, Inc.


...Smayda Environmental Associates, Inc. (SEA, Inc.), incorporated in 1996, provides civil engineering design, natural resource assessment, and permitting services to private, government, non-profit, and tribal clients. Our staff consists of civil engineer Tom Smayda, P.E. and biologist Kathy Smayda. We focus on environmental restoration and enhancement projects, combining civil engineering with biological sciences to design projects that benefit the environment while supporting needed human uses. With salmon habitat restoration as a primary area of expertise, we create natural-appearing stream channels and estuaries, design fish-passage culverts and small bridges, and prepare habitat restoration plans for projects in Pacific Northwest watersheds. We provide assessment of fish and wildlife habitat, surveys for rare and endangered species, noxious weed management, wetland delineation, and restoration of native plant communities in riparian areas, wetlands, estuaries, and uplands. Other services include drainage and stormwater design, water quality assessment, erosion control design, permitting and regulatory compliance.


Civil Engineering


Biological Science


...Tom Smayda has 20 years of experience with civil engineering design and water quality studies of fresh, marine and ground water systems.  He works to restore water quality and aquatic habitat by using the “reference reach approach.”  Recent work focuses on the design of salmon habitat restoration projects, restoration of shellfish growing areas, and stormwater management.  He has designed several miles of stream re-alignments using considerable large woody material to create salmon spawning and rearing habitats, plus over 40 fish passage culverts and bridges. He designs stormwater controls for golf courses, gravel pits, landfills, and commercial projects.  He routinely prepares sampling plans and performs water quality monitoring.


...Kathy Smayda has conducted vegetation and wildlife studies in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska for more than 20 years. Her experience includes assessment of botanical and wildlife resources, surveys for rare and endangered species, noxious weed management, and wetland delineation. She prepares biological assessments and biological evaluations for compliance with Section 7 of the ESA. Ms. Smayda has developed detailed protection, mitigation, and enhancement plans for habitat restoration projects, timber sales, and wind, thermal, and hydroelectric power projects. Ms. Smayda’s expertise includes the restoration of native plant communities, including riparian areas, estuaries, wetlands, and uplands. She is knowledgeable of current local, state, and federal regulations regarding fish, wildlife, and vegetation resources, and has worked extensively with agencies, tribes and non-governmental organizations in the region.









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